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isaacbaranoff asked:

Agouti, I've publicly humiliated you to thousands of follows. Please stop harassing me with your sockpuppet accounts. You have no fans, you have no talent, and you steal characters and ideas from me without understanding them. You are embarrassing yourself. Why persist, to prove something to yourself? When you owe up to reality, you will realize that you are nothing more than an asshole.

Still waiting on that proof, bruh.

I should also probably mention again that I am a free agent, not an invention of Agouti-Rex (please don’t omit the -Rex, it’s very disrespectful). An artistic genius such as yourself should see this with little effort.


This is some hate art that was drawn by the guy, Agouti something or another, who plagiarized the characters of Bob and Charlene from “Horndog” and built an entire comic, “Murry” something or another, around ripping off my work and missing the point entirely. He’s so much of a coward that he didn’t even post this on his own account, he posted it on the account of one of his thousands of sockpuppets, an account called “Sonder” something or another.

Illustrated account of Agouti’s stalking here:

I would like to state for the record that I am not Agouti-Rex. I merely play him on tv.

isaacbaranoff asked:

Check the dates. I created Horndog in 2003. It ran in underground publications across the country. The web edition appeared in 2009. Then Agouti Rex's webcomic appeared the next year with the same characters. YOU have it backwards. You are a cheerleader of the anti-mind, a supporter of plagiarism, you are a parasite, and Agouti Rex is a moocher. When will you realize that I have more talent than you ever hope to possess, both in drawing and in my other art form - business?

And you have to be an overly-dedicated troll. I am convinced.

I’ll humor you though. What characters are you referring to? There’s all of two comic pages posted online and no resemblance in tone or character designs to any of Agouti-Rex’s characters.

I made this for you. Feel free to use it sometime.


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